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How do I integrate Fintecture on my Shopify site?
How do I integrate Fintecture on my Shopify site?
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Once your account is activated, you can move on to Fintecture integration to start collecting payments on your website.

We'll walk you through the step-by-step process of setting up the module on your Shopify site. Let's get started!

Video Demo

Detailed steps

1 - Creating the store on the Fintecture space

From your Fintecture space:

  1. Click on the My Shops tab in the left menu

  2. Click on the "Create a store" button

  3. Select E-commerce plugin

  4. Fill in the name of your store (the name of your store allows you to identify it on your Fintecture backoffice, it will not be visible on your website)

  5. Select Shopify as your platform

  6. Enter the URL of your website (the format must be

  7. Select Production

  8. Select and verify your bank account information

  9. You can now add your logos to customize the Connect (Fintecture payment interface) and confirmation emails sent to your customers. You can also come back to this step later.

  10. Set up your automatic reminders for payment requests sent by email

  11. Click on Create my store.

Your store is now created from your Fintecture space!

Now go to your Shopify back-office to install the application in order to display our payment solution on your check-out

2 - Download and install the Fintecture application

  1. Download and install the Fintecture app on the Shopify store via the following link

  2. Click on "Add the app".

  3. You are automatically redirected to your Shopify back office in the "Payments" tab. There you will find our solution.

  4. Before activating the solution, make sure the "Test" box is unchecked

  5. Click on the "Activate Fintecture" button

Congratulations, the Fintecture application is correctly configured! You can now simulate an order on your website to verify that everything is working properly.

3 - Maximize your adoption rate with Fintecture

In order to maximize the adoption rate from launch, we share some best practices:

👉 Harmonize the way payment methods are presented

👉 Position the Fintecture instant transfer first on your payment page

👉 Communicate with your customers to announce the launch of this new payment solution: newsletter, banner, blog post...

👉 Use the latest version of the module, which integrates the best practices in terms of UX

In practice:

We provide you with communication materials and descriptions here.

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