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How to generate a payment request?
How to generate a payment request?
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To generate a Request to pay, go to the Create a Payment tab. You'll have 2 options:

  • Pay by email: to create a payment request sent automatically by email

  • Pay by link: to generate a payment link that you can send to your customer via the desired channel or a QR code that they can scan

1 – Create a Request to pay link by email

When you wish to generate a payment request to be sent by e-mail, the following information must be filled in:

In the “Payment details” section :

  1. Enter the amount of the payment.

  2. Enter the payment reference (make sure you choose a reference that will facilitate reconciliation).

  3. Choose the shop you wish to receive the funds from, once the payment has been finalised (you must have at least one shop created in order to generate a payment request)

  4. Optionally, you can specify an expiry date.

In the “Client information” section:

  1. Indicate whether the customer is an individual or a company

  2. First name of the customer

  3. Customer's last name

  4. Customer's email address: this is the address where the customer will receive the email containing the payment link

In the "Email options" section (optional) :

  1. CC e-mail addresses: choose one or more e-mail addresses that can be used to communicate with your customer

  2. E-mail addresses in BCC: choose the people you want to put in the loop (your accounting team for example)

  3. Choose the language of the e-mail sent (the language of your space will be selected by default)

Click on "Send payment link by email" to send the email.

Once the email has been sent, a payment line appears on the Payments tab with the status "PAYMENT_WAITING". This status means that the payment has not yet been made by your customer. To see the details of the payment, click on the transaction line:

You can find the payment link and display the QR code. The button at the top right also allows you to cancel the payment before it has been finalised by the customer.

Your customer receives the following email, explaining the steps to follow to finalise the payment, using the "Pay Now" button or by scanning the QR code:

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