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Why should I install the instant transfer on my payment page?
Why should I install the instant transfer on my payment page?
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The first account-to-account payment solution in France, “Pay by instant transfer”, allows you to collect payments instantly from your customers' bank accounts, in complete security and without friction.

The solution allows you to:

  • Bypass card limits

  • Eliminate illegitimate chargebacks

  • Reduce transaction costs

  • Dispose of collected funds more quickly

  • Avoid fraud

  • Increase payment security and protect consumers

Thanks to Fintecture, consumers can pay large amounts by transfer without entering an IBAN while bypassing their credit card limits.

The payment confirmation is instantaneous, and the payment is irrevocable, so you can process the order without waiting: a real added value for the consumer looking for efficiency and speed!

The customer payment path via our solution has many advantages. When the customer selects “Pay by immediate transfer”, he is redirected to his bank space, where he can quickly authenticate himself and validate the payment in one click.

They are then immediately redirected to the merchant's website with the order confirmation. The whole operation is done through a unique payment tunnel, thus limiting the risk of cart abandonment.

The level of security is optimal since no sensitive data is entered on the merchant's site during payment. The customer authenticates himself directly with his bank, the risk of data leakage is therefore completely controlled. This is called “Security by Design”. The strong authentication inherent in the customer's journey through his bank is an additional guarantee of security. The payer's bank is responsible for payment initiation and the risk of fraud. This new payment method is a native SCA solution, eliminating the friction of strong authentication and limiting its impact on sales.

Simplified reconciliation: payment statuses are automatically updated on your Fintecture space and on the back-office of your CMS or ERP.

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