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What's the purpose of the “Create a payment” tab?
What's the purpose of the “Create a payment” tab?

Generate a Request to pay

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The Create Payment tab allows you to create payment requests by email, link or QR code, to collect transfers in person or remotely. You receive the funds directly to your account and avoid credit card limits. Transactions are secure without the need to collect banking information from the customer.

You have 2 options: payment request by email, or payment request by link / QR code.

1 – Request payments by using an email

This option allows you to create a payment request that will be automatically sent by email to your client once finished:

2 – Request payments by using a Link / QR Code

Choose this option if you want to create a payment link or QR code. Once you have entered the payment information, you will get a link and a QR code that you can share with your customer by the desired means: in person, in a personalized email or quote, via an instant messenger…

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