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How quickly do my customers' payments appear in my account?
How quickly do my customers' payments appear in my account?

Deadline for receipt of funds

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Payment processing times vary depending on your customer's bank. In the vast majority of cases, you will receive the funds within 10 seconds (rather rare) to 24 hours on your account, from the moment the payment is created.

There are rare exceptions, such as Crédit Agricole, which allows payments to be validated with a simple SMS OTP (without strong authentication). In this case, the bank delays the payment by 1 to 2 days (this represents about 20% of the payments that go through Crédit Agricole).

Note however that the payment is irrevocable and cannot be cancelled by your customer. You can therefore send your order as soon as you see the payment status created.

In the rare cases where a payment goes through the processing status, this means that the payment is awaiting validation by the bank. The response time differs depending on the payer's bank, but takes less than 24 hours (working days). The status will then change to payment created or failed. Please wait until it changes to payment created before processing the order. Once the status is updated, the time taken to receive the payment is the same as for other payments.

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