All your payments received are refundable from your Fintecture space. Go to the payments tab and select the transaction you wish to refund.

Click on refund, indicate the amount you wish to refund (total or partial) and confirm the operation.

If you have access to your company's bank account, select the 1st option to be directly redirected to the payment link. If you do not have access to your company's bank account, select the 2nd option to have an email with the payment link sent to your company's legal representative.

The payment link will redirect you to the Connect (our payment interface). You will need to select your bank, authenticate yourself and validate the payment from your online bank.

Once validated, it will appear on your payment page with the status payment created. If your payment is declined, the status will be failed.

Refunds are made in a few clicks and arrive in the consumer's account within the same timeframe as the receipt of funds in the merchant account (10's to 24 hours). Note that these times may vary depending on the bank and the subscription your customers have.

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