If you would like to use our payment link system, without integrating our module on an e-commerce site, it is possible!

Once your account activated, go to your Fintecture space and click on the My shops tab and select the Create a payment option at the top of the screen. Fill in the name you want to give to this shop and the corresponding bank account. You can also add your logo which will be visible on the Connect (payment interface) at the bank selection stage. Finally, click on Create a shop.

Your payment link shop is ready!

You will see it appear in the My Shops tab with the name you have given it. By clicking on it, you can change the name and the selected bank account, or delete it.

If you want to add a new shop, click on Create a shop and follow the same procedure.

You can now generate payment links in the Create a Payment tab. You can either create a payment link that will be sent to your customer by email, or you can generate a payment link that you can send to your customer (e.g. in an email you send yourself) or a QR code that you can scan.

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