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How do I integrate Fintecture on my WordPress site?
How do I integrate Fintecture on my WordPress site?

Woocommerce integration

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Once your account is activated, you can proceed to Fintecture integration to start collecting payments on your website.

We will guide you step by step to configure the module on your PrestaShop website. Let's go !

1 – Creation of the store on the Fintecture space

From your Fintecture space :

  1. Click on the My Shops tab in the left menu

  2. Select E-commerce plugin

  3. Add your logo if you want it to be visible on the Connect (payment interface)

  4. Fill in the name of your shops

  5. Select WooCommerce

  6. Enter the URL of your website (the format must be https://....)

  7. Select Production

  8. Check your bank account information

  9. Click on Next

  10. Click on Generate Private Key: the download of the .pem file will start automatically

  11. Click on Finish at the bottom of the page

  12. Go to your WordPress back office, keeping the Fintecture page open

2 – Downloading the module

  1. From your WooCommerce space, click on Extensions (left menu), then on Add. Type “Fintecture” in the search bar to find the module

  2. Click on Install, wait a few seconds and click on Activate

3 – Module configuration

  1. Select Activate this payment gateway

  2. Select Enable Fintecture logo

  3. Do not select Enable Sandbox Mode

  4. Select Enable under Fintecture logo

  5. Copy the APP ID previously generated from your console and paste it into the Fintecture APP ID field

  6. Copy the SECRET APP previously generated from your console and paste it into the Fintecture APP SECRET field

  7. Click Add File to upload the previously downloaded Private Key in .pem format to the console

  8. Click on Test Production. The following message should appear: “Connection successful”

  9. Click Save at the bottom of the page

Congratulations, the Fintecture module is correctly configured! You can now simulate an order on your website to check that it is visible.

4 – Maximize your adoption rate with Fintecture

We have interviewed users and worked with designers to integrate best practices to increase the adoption rate of Fintecture and we share with you some golden rules to follow:

In practice, we recommend that you:

👉 Harmonize the way you present the payment methods.

👉 Position the Fintecture immediate transfer first on your payment page

👉 Integrate our Fintecture brand by activating the Logo option on the PrestaShop configuration page

👉 Communicate to your customers to announce the release of this new payment solution: newsletter, banner, blog post...

👉 Use the latest version of the module, which integrates the best practices in terms of UX

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