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How to test the module before going into production?
How to test the module before going into production?

Sandbox environment

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We have designed a Sandbox (test) version of the Fintecture module to allow you to visualise the steps of the payment path before going into production. The Sandbox environment is available at any time, you do not need to have an activated account. You can therefore take advantage of the activation period to start testing!

Please note that your test will be a dummy payment and not a real transaction. Only a few banks provide us with a functional Sandbox portal, so we invite you to select CIC or Crédit Mutuel to carry out your tests.

  1. Create a shop from your Fintecture space by selecting the Sandbox environment

  2. Configure this shop on your site in the Test environment, using the previously generated API keys (APP ID, APP SECRET and Private Key)

  3. Simulate an order and select Fintecture to test the payment path

  4. On the Connect (payment interface), choose the CIC or Crédit Mutuel bank: the information will be pre-filled (IDs, false amount, etc.)

Once your tests done and your account activated, you can move on to the production configuration!

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