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Why pay my purchases by immediate transfer?
Why pay my purchases by immediate transfer?
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Fintecture is the first immediate transfer solution without intermediaries in France. It allows you to pay your order instantly from your bank account, in complete security and without frictions.

The solution allows you to :

  • Pay without using up your credit card limits

  • Eliminate illegitimate rejections

  • Benefit from immediate order processing

  • Pay in complete security


With our solution, you can pay large amounts by wire transfer without entering an IBAN while bypassing credit card limits. Payment confirmation is instantaneous, so the merchant can process your order without delay.

How does it work

Once you have selected the instant transfer, you will be redirected to your banking area, where you will have to authenticate yourself and validate the payment in one click. You will be immediately redirected to the merchant's website with the order confirmation. The operation is done through a single payment tunnel, limiting friction.


The level of security is optimal since no sensitive data is entered on the merchant's site during payment. You authenticate directly with your bank, the risk of data leakage is therefore completely controlled. This is called Security by Design. The strong authentication inherent in the payment process is an additional security guarantee.

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