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How can I make my clients aware of the adoption of Fintecture?
How can I make my clients aware of the adoption of Fintecture?

Best practices

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We interviewed users and worked with designers to incorporate best practices to increase the adoption rate of Fintecture.



Will it take me a long time?

Help and guide the user between different payment methods by pre-selecting a payment option and bringing out the payment choice.


What will I have to do?

Focus the user's attention on the most important information and actions. Guide the user further if requested.


Have I done this before?

Familiarise the user with the new payment solution using simple and understandable vocabulary.


Is it safe?

Reassure the user about the security of the payment method.


To maximise the adoption of our solution some rules to follow:

👉 Harmonize the way you present the payment methods.

👉 Position the Fintecture immediate transfer first on your payment page

👉 Integrate our Fintecture brand by activating the Logo option on the PrestaShop configuration page

👉 Communicate to your customers to announce the release of this new payment solution: newsletter, banner, blog post...

👉 Use the latest version of the module, which integrates the best practices in terms of UX

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