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How to pay with Fintecture?
How to pay with Fintecture?
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Fintecture is a payment solution that allows you to pay your orders by immediate transfer.

This solution based on the API technology of banks to connect directly to them and initiate a 100% secure payment, without intermediaries. You make your payment from your bank space in a few seconds.

Detailed steps

After selecting the immediate transfer on a partner merchant site, or via payment link, you will arrive at the Connect (payment interface) where you must select your bank:

You will then be redirected to your fully secured banking space where you will have to authenticate yourself (here, it is a fictitious bank):

A payment summary displays, you finalize your payment directly from your bank space, without entering the merchant's IBAN: everything is already pre-filled for you (amount, transfer order, wording). A strong two-factor authentication will be necessary to validate the payment (via the banking app on smartphone or code by SMS).

The payment is validated!

The merchant receives immediate confirmation once the payment created and can process the order instantly.

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